SHG Code of Conduct

SHG adhered to the values that guides and govern the conduct in all matters relating to businesses.

SHG Code of Conduct outlines our commitment to each of our partners including the communities. Sustaining our stellar reputation and success, defined by the powerful commitment and adherence to the core values and principles by all our employees, directors and partners. SHG will continue to not only comply with the laws and regulations that govern our business interests but will continue to set new standards of ethical conduct that will generate deep respect and inspire emulation by others.


SHG Group is committed to providing safe & healthy working environment, achieving an injury and illness free workplace. Economic considerations will not have priority over implementation of safety and health protection measures. While safety is everyone’s prime responsibility, to meet our commitment, we will;

Recognize safety and health as an integral part of our operations; consider Safety and Health in every decision activity we perform.

Comply and endeavor to exceed applicable regulatory safety & health requirements and set the highest standards.

Impart appropriate training and develop skills by engaging employees to help them work safely.

Assess risks and provide controls over safety and health hazards in our operations, audits to check compliance. Promote safety and health standards among the partners. Promptly report incidents, investigate for root causes.