' Believe in Sustainable Solutions '

SHG is dedicated to anticipating and ascertain the opportunities in oil and gas prospects, looking to execute sustainable projects that strengthen the economies and societies within the regions.


  • Quest to expand our exploration activities in the areas that are competitive in the portfolio.
  • Develop and use technology to reduce costs and risks.
  • Shown our competency in the past and further to plan for acquisition of mining contracts, potential reserves of base and precious metals.
  • Strategical business scope in the area of commodity storage and refined products.
  • Providing cost effective solutions and availing techniques in planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of key and essential energy sectoral.


  • Mining – Prospecting & Exploration, Production
  • Geological & Drilling Services
  • Oil Assaying Test
  • Oil & Gas – Prospecting, Exploration, Production
  • Refineries
  • Solar & Wind Farms
  • Hydro - Power
  • Rig Maintenance
  • Storage/Tank Farms