' Value added Supply-Chain '

SHG Initiated a trading environment starting with wide array of products which not only compensates the lapses of commercial activities within the regions but also establishing a trading activity in the regions where the prospects are relatively safe investment.

The strategic locations encouraged us to establish business outposts within the regions while seeing the numerous business space in terms of value chain. We have been dealing with multi-commodities where all the agro-products are directly sourced from the farmers with whom we have long term supply agreements.

A simultaneous expansion carved us as a leading supplier of commodities & metals which leads us a strong competitor in the value chain of specific regions - UAE, Africa, U.S.A, Israel, India and other countries.


  • Petrochemicals & Coke
  • Metals & Minerals
  • Cement & Cement Clinkers
  • Food & Agro Products - Grains, Beans, Rice, Spices, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Peanuts, Fruit & Vegetables
  • Textiles
  • Pharmaceuticals