' Time to act '

It is evident that the drastic increase of industrialization led to enormous waste generation tend towards unscientific practices of treating waste.

Realizing the consequences, construed a full-fledged integrated system in an unconventional market for a sustainable environment. SHG’s one of core platform, successfully catering a broad range of waste management services across the regions of Africa. An integrated approach towards a sectoral reform which successfully boost us a far ahead in order to withstand be test of time.

Seamlessly withstanding our credentials while bringing up the technological advancement in a best possible manner. Effectively, providing waste management solutions in order to treat, recycle & dispose all types of hazardous & non- hazardous waste.

  • Waste to Energy – MSW
  • Composting Solutions – MSW
  • Shredding & Baling Solutions
  • Lead Acid Battery Recycling Solutions
  • Bio-medical Treatment Solutions
  • E-Waste – Metal Recovering Solutions
  • Used Tyre – Extraction Unit
  • Waste Sorting Solutions - MSW
  • Incineration – Hazardous Waste Treatment Solutions
  • Autoclave/Bio-Medical Waste Incinerator
  • Used Oil Recycling Solutions
  • Used Tyre & Plastic – Pyrolysis Solutions
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Sewage Treatment Plant