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SHG continuously push the construction envelopes and shown progression in sectoral development within the regions. Our Infrastructural focus is to provide value engineering while remodify the conventional concrete structural plans including value & strength of post-tensioning.

Our Core Objectives

Way ahead on your Infrastructural dreams

Aiming to build a world class infrastructure and extend a step forward with your dreams.
Come up with the latest techniques; Un-bonded Post-Tensioning Construction.
Enabling the most Economical slab design in Post Tension (PT) construction techniques.
Providing an effective and innovative solutions to the clients.
Greatest asset lies in credentials of our personnel which makes the projects even more attractive and classy.
Entrenched into multi-disciplinary practices with core staff of Structural & Civil professionals, Surveyors.

Quality Construction Projects

Offering engineering expertise, state-of-the-art-techniques and unparalleled services to assure durable & cost-effective structures while applying our skills to large construction projects :

Commercial & Residential Complexes
Water Dams
Port - Road & Rail Infrastructural Development
Bridges & Flyovers
Hotels and Resorts


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