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Industrial Turnkey Projects

Shree Hari Group is an Industrial turnkey project solution provider. It helps companies to obtain a complete turnkey solution for all their projects, from development to execution. We are all familiar with a team of predefined tasks that are ready to be executed & modified to meet the requirements of the client for the turnkey project. In future, the scope of turnkey solutions will see more companies turning to industrial turnkey automation solutions to automate their processes. It is not just only about increasing company productivity but also about improving the quality of the project.

Adopting an Industrial turnkey project allows organizations to save time, money, and resources by relying on our experienced team to oversee every step of the implementation process of engineering, procurement & project management from beginning to end.


Shree Hari Group’s range of work & services for Turnkey Project solutions consists of the following:


One dedicated point of contact for everything
24/7 access to our global network
One straightforward contract framework
One easily manageable service cost structure
One consistent level of service quality
ISO certificates service company.

Quality Industrial Working

Propelling the endeavors to acquire further quality projects on competitive terms that can be quickly evaluated and taken to the next stage of development :


Integrated Turnkey Project Solutions

Realizing the facts, valuating the client’s investment input into a new venture where we exact look into. By the concept expanding your business scope.

Sorting Unit
Waste to Energy
Windrow Composting
Incineration Unit
Shredding & Baling Unit
Autoclave/Biomedical Incinerator
Tank Cleaning Unit
Lead Acid Battery Recycling Unit
Used Oil Recycling Unit
Used Plastic & Tyre - Pyrolysis Unit
Used Tyres - Extraction Unit
E-waste – Precious Metal Recovering Unit
Effluent Treatment Plant – ETP
Sewage Treatment plant – STP
Air separation & Acetylene Manufacturing Units
Solar Farms – PV Solar Grid
Oil & Gas – Exploration, Development & Acquisition of Blocks
Mining – Prospecting, Exploration, Development
Transmission - Distribution Project Development
Rolling Mills – Bars, Joints, Angles
Methanol & Ethanol
Di-Methyl Ether
Polymerization Unit
Detergent & Soap Manufacturing
Oil Tank Farms/Gold Refining
Juice Processing Unit
Milk Processing Unit
Dairy Farm
Bakery Unit
Biscuits & Chocolate Manufacturing Plant
Cooking Oil Manufacturing Plant
Drinking Mineral Water Plant
Sawmill --> Processing Unit
Baby Diapers Manufacturing Unit
Tissue Manufacturing Unit
Other Apparel Manufacturing Units
Steel Fabrication, Repairs and its Maintenance
Erection, Coating, Platforms and Stairways
Ductwork, Stacks and Columns, Plate Works, Heavy Custom Steel Fabrication & its Retrofits
Tray Towers, Process Piping, Platforms, Railings & Other active industrial operations
Cooling Towers, Plumbing & Piping, Electrical System & its Installation
Manpower - Pipe Welder, Pipefitter, Structural Fitter, Painter & Loaders
Expertise in Materials such as Chrome Alloy, Duplex Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Nickel Alloy, Aluminum etc.


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